28 Jun 14 at 1 pm
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Recently was asked if Parris has a blog here on tumblr but answered it on my personal on accident. (whoops)

As far as I know she doesn’t have one but you can find her






05 Dec 13 at 5 pm

If you haven’t seen it yet… :)

Parris Goebel & Shaun Evaristo presents: Primetime

12 Nov 13 at 11 pm

Asked by Anonymous

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asker I've always had an interest in dance, in about 9th grade I briefly took dance class, but had to stop cause I couldn't afford it. I'm 21 now and still want to learn to dance, but I'm incredibly shy and not out-going and I feel that most dancers are. I'm afraid of making a fool of myself nor do I even know where to begin. I live in a small, unknown city where dance or anything related to art isn't really around. Advice?

You sound like me! It’s completely normal to be afraid of coming out of your shell and putting yourself out there. Dance is one of the best ways to do that! It’ll most definitely be hard at first but I promise it’s worth it! I would start out taking a beginning hip hop class and maybe a beginning ballet class or technique class. Those will help you get comfortable with your body and to get familiar with movements. Take classes as much as possible! It will help you grow! Don’t forget that every dancer has had to start somewhere :) We’ve all been there! Do it for you and don’t think of what people are thinking of you, focus on you and your growth!

If you want you can come off anon and I’ll message you about it privately and tell you what I’ve done! We’re close in age so I could be more help with information!

I hope this helped :)

Sorry I’ve been so mia guys! I’m super busy with school, work and dancey pants things right now.


If you don’t already know, Parris is currently staying in LA because 

wait for it….

SHE’S GONNA BE IN STEP UP FIVE (round of applause)

Are you excited? I’m excited. I’m sure she will be teaching every now and then while she’s here and I will do my very best to inform you guys ahead of time! 

If you’d like to find out when she’s teaching or what she’s doing follow her on twitter and instagram :)

Twitter and instagram are both @parrisgoebel  

You can also follow some well know dance studios in LA, they’ll post if she will do a pop up class! Examples:




keep an eye on nappy tabs too!


28 Sep 13 at 12 pm

Parris Goebel Presents: I Love Cali Boys

The boys in this video are so raw. Check it out!

I’ve been a little caught up in my own life a little lately so sorry for the late posts, if you don’t know already…


 Bubblegum got silver and Sorority got Bronze. 

Amazing, amazing dancers, all of them.

I also just got home from driving to LA to watch Skulls and Crowns and it was everything I expected and more!

I ended up arriving lat due to horrible traffic but only by three minutes! The sets and the dancers and everything about the show was incredible. It was unreal to witness that in person! Not to mention, Parris is such a sweetheart. I got to cross off the number one bullet point on my bucket list today and I will never forget the show or the fact that I met Parris!

I also made her probably the most americanized cookies possible lol Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies!! aaaahhh!




08 Aug 13 at 11 pm

Day 5!

check out that haka!